About Us

The idea of a TIKI bar was an obvious one being in Bali and surrounded by nature lover and holiday goers. The idea is that people in Bali are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of City life and concepts. Walking down JL. Camplung Tanduk towards some of Bali’s older establishments such as La Planca and Gado Gado Restaurant you will notice a blinking and colour changing Totem Gate on your right. Once you enter the mystical Kinky gate you will follow the blinking Christmas lights that will directly put a smile on your face at it takes you upstairs where you are transported to what Bali was 15 years ago. “The original Bali” was what many people said on Kinky’s opening night. This is what Bali was all about before the high profile ultra lounge and super clubs started operating with dress codes and ridiculous door policies.

Our Event

At Kinky Tiki we believe that people from all over the world come to Bali to enjoy the laid back service with a smile. We put all our effort to create this personality within our space by painstakingly recreating traditional finishing combined with artsy mural installation. We have our own event calendar to comfort our guest so don't miss it.